How I Enjoyed GABF Week Without Tickets (Part 2)

I’d like to warn our affiliates that we might go long. Remember GABF?  You probably had oodles of fun.  You also probably went.  Unfortunately I didn’t attend, and know that though jealous of you as I am, dear hypothetical reader, I had my share of delightfulness that week sans-ticket.  This is part 2 of my […]

How I Enjoyed GABF Week Without Tickets (Part 1)

To be honest, I didn’t even try to get a ticket.  With sellout times estimated to be less than 15 minutes on a day where I had to be at my day-job, and Ken Weaver kicking wholesale amounts of ass on RateBeer Weekly, I knew the elusive media pass and general admission modes of entry were beyond […]

Remembering Lew Cady

Lew Cady passed away Sunday morning, August 4, surrounded by his wife and daughters, after a two-month hospital stay and several months of health trouble. He was 76. Though not as renowned or instantly recognizable as Michael Jackson (the beer one, not Thriller), people who knew Lew would say that Michael Jackson was no Lew Cady. Tongue […]

Breweries-In-Planning Barred from South Denver Beer Fest

This coming weekend (May 4-5), Denverites will descend upon the southern burb of Littleton, CO for the inaugural South Denver Beer Fest, with over 60 breweries, both local and national (and a couple of Belgians, as well as a couple of local distillers).  Unfortunately the Fest will carry on without roughly 8 breweries planned for […]

DSTILL: A Celebration of American Craft Distilling

I feel a small amount of guilt in writing this, the second post in a row not really about beer.  However, it needs to be said: craft spirits is blowing up, son! Look, we’re all beer nerds here; you don’t read a beer blog hosted by without being somewhat nerdy about beer.  We all wonder why […]

Mazer Cup: The GABF of Mead

So, a long while ago I wrote here about Mead, and its comeback, and its relevance to craft beer.  Well, I’m back writing about it again.  I love the stuff, admittedly.  And while I have only seen 2 non-Colorado meads on even the nerdiest of liquor store shelves (CO itself only has 4 producers of […]

How To Improve The Big Beers, Belgians, & Barleywines Fest

  Earlier this month I attended THE Big Beers, Belgians, & Barlywines Fest in Vail, Colorado. I emphasized the ‘THE’ because, in short, it oozes as much (potentially more) awesomesauce than GABF.  Sam Calagione has gone on record saying it’s his favorite fest every year.  And it pretty well proves itself: a tasting of 67 […]

Class of ’88: Deschutes and Friends Year-Long Collaboration

John McClane drops Hans Gruber off the top of Nakatomi Plaza, U2 charmed our hearts and won a grammy, and gas was 91¢ a gallon.  The year is 1988, and America had just begun to feel good about itself again.  But more importantly to this blog, Craft Beer was very much in an infant stage […]

Colorado’s 10 Weirdest Beers of 2012

Ah, late-December.  That time of season for year-end reviews and Top Ten lists.  But while some beer-writers decided to go with a straight-forward Top Ten Beers list, I decided to take a stranger road.  A lesser traveled road of lesser-traveled beers, as it were.  Now, since I live in Denver, I could only get my […]

A Polite Rebuttal to the “Craft vs. Crafty” Press Release

So, if you follow any of your favorite local breweries on Twitter or Facebook, or you regularly check in on the Brewer’s Association (or their other page, you have no doubt heard by now that The Brewers Association has issued a press release (available in full here) calling out the macro-brewers for their veiled […]